Sean Dwyer

Sean Dwyer
I’ve been playing and gigging since I was 16 (23 now) and have had the opportunity to play many different guitars by many different brands.

After over a year of only having my vintage ‘67 hagstrom II at my side, I decided it was time to get a solid and preferably new guitar to retire the hagstrom from live shows. As I’m sure you might have guessed I could have gone down a million different avenues; but after knowing the PureSalem brand for a while whilst keeping my eye on certain models, I finally decided I should hit Rick (PureSalem) up and get something going.

I landed on a green reverberation that arrived in my hands on my 23rd birthday. I had ONLY ever seen these guitars. Literally had never played or felt one - and only hearing them through YouTube. Extremely ballsy. I opened the case and the Reverberation, truly, was a piece of art. Seriously just a gorgeous instrument in both aesthetic and design/build quality but what was even more amazing was just how ridiculously ‘right’ it felt in my hands. Plays like a dream and sounds super amazing stock. Cannot recommend PureSalem enough.

Sean Dwyer ( @imtotallywired )