Peter Diedrichs

Peter Diedrichs

I'm Peter, from Sweden, and I'm a pursesalemaholic.

I first discovered Puresalem 3-4 years ago, intrigued by the looks and the overall Puresalem concept. I love garage/acid rock and old, crazy guitar designs.

So, when a Classic Creep was for sale here in Sweden I bought it immediately. That is the only Puresalem I've ever seen for sale in Sweden.

I love the Creep, my Goldenboy! A absolutely straight neck makes the low action I like possible, and that sound, the looks, the overall playability! It's the same with all Puresalems I have; since then I've got me a Reverberation, a Sad Fester and a Gordo. Four quite different creatures but of the same tribe. My Puresalems are not only quality-and-playing--wise on the level with the more classical guitar brands I also have - the Puresalems have got so much more personality and character! I'm a really big fan.

Here's a tune I recorded, where my Classic Creep can be seen in action.


Peter Diedrichs