Fuzz Pedals Honey Bunny

Fuzz Pedals Honey Bunny

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Straight-forward fuzz tones! With its tight but meaty low end and scooped mids you’re nailing 90’s rock rhythm right out of the box. And the HoneyBunny has more than enough gain on tap to satisfy even the stingiest of gain hogs.  Don’t want to get lost in the mix? Crank up the tone knob and let your notes shine. Even with the fuzz turned to 11, string definition is still in tact. Whether you’re rocking single coils or humbuckers, this pedal is a perfect match!

High quality components are used throughout. Relay based bypass makes for silent and smooth true-bypass switching. No annoying POPS that are common with high gain effects.  It’s housed in a semi-translucent sparkly green aluminum enclosure and topped with white screen printed graphics and large white fluted knobs. Standard 9V DC negative ground power adapter.

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