Fuzz Pedals Attack Captain

Fuzz Pedals Attack Captain

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Based around iconic classic 60’s fuzz sounds, the Attack Captain will send you “Rite” back in time to the glory days of fuzz! BUT, with some knob turning, it’s easy to dial in a more modern fuzz tone. This thing has plenty of useable settings that can take you anywhere you want to go. OR just use the method the early psych rockers used and DIME EVERYTHING for that stabby, buzzy, biting fuzz! Try not to play Cream, Iron Butterfly, Greenbaum, or Stooges… I DARE YOU!

Fuzz (F) – Controls fuzz texture, not a true gain control. Full counterclockwise is a nice round fuzz, great for chord work. Turn clockwise for that stabby early 60’s sound. (Volume drop is normal through the mid positions – nature of the beast)

Gate (G) – Controls the feedback path in the second gain stage of the circuit. Roll back counterclockwise to soften the harshness of the more fuzzed out settings.

Bass Cut (B) – Blends input capacitors to help set the tone of the fuzz. Cuts more bass as the knob is turned Clockwise. Full counterclockwise lets the full guitar frequencies pass through the circuit, producing a fuller, meatier fuzz. Clockwise cuts bass frequencies through the pedal to give that biting 60’s sound.

Volume (V) – Crank it!

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