PureSalem Guitars

James Leslie

I was watching a show by the band Ride last year and saw Andy Bell play a Cardinal on a couple of the tracks. I think it was the tone that first made me really pay attention, but then couldn't take my eyes off this beautiful guitar. I wasn't aware of PS at the time so couldn't make out the brand from the headstock. The following day I was still thinking about the guitar and dropped him a message and found out it was a PS Cardinal. As there is no distributor (that I know of) in the UK, I figured I was best waiting until in the states next before picking one up (import tax is a killer), but as luck had it one came up a month or 2 later for sale secondhand. So I now have a beautiful Cardinal that I love for shoegaze, psych, bluesy twiddling. My fingers glide around it.

All I've got to do now is get a hard case for it next time I'm over in the states... Did I mention import duty is a killer?! Thanks for making these wonderful guitars. I love an offset and these are stunning in both looks and sound. I hope you're all keeping safe and well in these difficult times. I'm looking forward to seeing your instruments grace a stage again as soon as possible.


James Leslie