VG APPROVED Gear - Bring The Fuzz

PureSalem Honey Bunny, Pink Beard, Attack Captain

Remember your first fuzz pedal? Maybe, like a certain reviewer, you literally worked up a sweat trying to strike a deal between the body resonance of an ES-175D and the snarl of a third-hand Gibson Maestro Fuzz-Tone. Alas, somethings are not meant to be, though the tone known as "fuzz" became a signature sound of the guitar-driven '60s rock explosion.

The folks at PureSalem Guitars have joined with 323 pedal designer Brian Nelson to issue a triple threat of fuzz pedals to complement their lineup of '60s-inspired electric six-strings. These are not any mass-production stompboxes, either-a total of just 62 pedals across the three models have been built in this limited-edition labor of love dubbed the SalemFuzz Project. More installments are planned for the future. Read Chip Wilson of Vintage Guitar Magazine complete review. Vintage Guitar Approved Gear.