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Tech Specs

  • Mahogany Body
  • Mahogany Neck with binding and Block Inlays
  • Rosewood Fret Board
  • 25 1/2 Scale Length
  • 42.75 Nut Width
  • 2 1/16 String Spacing
  • Modern C Shape Neck / Satin Finish
  • 12 Inch Radius
  • Grover Tuners
  • Stop Tailpiece
  • Custom Wound P90 in Neck
  • Custom Wound P90 in Bridge
  • Vintage style cloth wiring
  • 3 Way Toggle with Master Volume and Master Tone
  • Med Jumbo Frets
  • Dual Truss Rod
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Seafoam Green, Olympic White, Shell Pink

Right or Left Handed?

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PureSalem Fans Are Raging!

The Levitation evokes images of Brian Jones playing his Vox Teardrop onstage with the Stones, except that, at almost ten pounds, this massive slab of mahogany would have broken the frail Jones into two pieces. “Leviathan” might have been a better name for this mammoth orange paddle. But all jokes about “mass” aside, this is an incredible rock guitar. If you can handle the weight, you’ll be rewarded for your fortitude with super-powerful tones and sustain for days and days and days.

Not surprisingly, the Levitation is built like a tank. It seems like it could take a direct hit from an RPG-7 shell and not even get knocked out of your hands. All the hardware—pickups, pickup mounts, knobs, bridge, tailpiece, 3-way switch, and tuners—is just as tough. Workmanship is excellent. There are not a lot of frills on this machine, but the finish is beautiful, the binding is flawless, the tortoiseshell-like pickguard is well rendered, and the star inlays are perfect. The frets are the best of the five PureSalem guitars tested. They still aren’t “hot dogged,” but the ends are rounded enough to feel good when you run your fingers down the edges of the fretboard. The Master Volume knob is within easy reach for volume swells, and although the Master Tone control is a bit farther down towards the end of the body than I’d like, I could still grab it for some “faux-wah” tonal manipulations with my pinky. Although you can play the Levitation sitting down by positioning the lower bout over your leg and angling the neck slightly towards the floor, it isn’t really a guitar for parking your butt on a bale of hay, hoedown style. This is a “stand up and get in the face of the audience” machine, and I’ll tell you why …

When I brought the Levitation to a rehearsal, plugged it into the normally rev’d up, but not obnoxiously loud settings of my Vox AC30, and hit a chord, I thought I had killed everyone in the room. After peeling pieces of my band members’ flesh off the walls, I adjusted my amp to better manage the hair-trigger, high-gain humbuckers, and I was absolutely floored by the creamy tone, the aggressive front-end pillaging of any amp you plug into, and the awesome dynamic response. Whether you go from fingers to pick, or knock back the guitar Volume a bit, the Levitation matches your performance gestures as I would imagine a Ferrari harmonizes with the pressure of your foot and the movement of the gearshift. It’s like some weird alien mind meld where everything you envision is played out in sound. Admittedly, it takes just a bit of wrasslin’ before you can train your fingers to control this beastie, but once you get there, you’ll probably risk bankruptcy buying that Ferrari, because only those mechanisms that offer the highest level of responsiveness will be good enough for you. Thank goodness the Levitation only goes for $715.

This is one beautiful piece of equipment – sleek and sexy with just enough edge!

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